The Aquasilva Trilogy

Set on a world of mountains and islands, cloud forests and glittering maritime cities, a story of religious tyranny and the struggle to overthrow it. Crossing oceans on living submarines, facing soul-eating jaguars in the depths of the jungle, and facing their worst nightmare on the cliffs of Perdition’s Shore, Cathan, Palatine and Ravenna pitted their frail strength against the might of a tyranny which spanned the world and reached into the depths of the human soul.

It was inspired by the Albigensian Crusade in thirteenth-century France, but quickly took on a world, and a life, of its own. Cathan and his companions found themselves in increasingly treacherous waters as the certainties of their youth unravelled, friend and foe changed places, and their inheritances of power and rule turned out to be poisoned chalices indeed . . .



Revenge, the twisting of memory, and a road to power paved with human bones . . . literally. To be re-released in ebook very soon, with the first ever paperback editing following shortly afterwards.

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