Editing services

January 2016: Due to a death in the family, I am unable to take on any new editorial work at the moment. I will remove this notice once I have space in my schedule again.

Can’t thank you enough for giving me so much of your time/expertise this afternoon.
Was dreading it, to be honest, but actually enjoyed it – learned a huge amount, and am really looking forward to essaying the necessary changes.

R.O. (romantic comedy author)

Every book needs an editor. There are flaws in every manuscript. Some of them you, as the author, can see. Some of them you can’t. And some you think you can see aren’t actually flaws at all. Sure, it always helps to put your finished final draft in a drawer and wait a few months. But, no matter how good your book is when your final draft is done, it can be better.
Will you spot the two characters who fill the same role, and are weaker for it? Will you realise how bewildering your web of political allegiances seems to the reader who hasn’t spent three months immersed in them? Will you notice your habit of infodumping the architectural digest of every new city encountered? Will you spot the argument you made which renders your overall theory far more convincing, but only gets half a paragraph at the end of chapter 12?

Two minds are better than one.
As a graduate from the tutorial system used at Oxford, I know that one-to-one discussion and feedback is the most powerful way to develop your ideas and your writing. Imagine having an intelligent, attentive and curious reader to discuss your book with as your ideas evolve. Imagine having a fellow author with experience of writing and editing on everything from novels to academic papers, working to draw the very best out of your writing. Imagine having a sympathetic editor helping you draw it all together to become as powerful as possible. That’s what I can bring to your book.

I can help you.
If you’re an author with a manuscript or sample (e.g. 3 chapters) in one of the genres below, and you’d like to make your book as well-structured, compelling and engaging as possible, I can help you.
I work in the following genres (wondering why these?):
Non-fiction: History (of any kind), historical biography, popular science
Fiction: Science fiction, historical fiction, cozy mystery, romantic comedy, romance if containing elements of thriller, mystery, historical or science fiction.
If this doesn’t fit your book, I work with a small, informal, and extremely experienced group of editors who handle a wide range of other genres – see here.

What can I do for you?
Working with me, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your manuscript has received thorough and professional attention from a sympathetic eye. You’ll feel confident because your book as a whole, and crucial elements such as structure, narrative, or argument, have been reviewed, improved and polished before it goes out into the world.

I offer three main services, depending on your requirements and the stage your book has reached, and I work both on proposals and on complete books.
– Appraisal: I’ll read your manuscript and prepare a short report on strengths, weaknesses and any major structural changes.
– Structural/developmental editing: The full works. Initial appraisal followed by detailed, focused line-by-line editorial work.
– Proposal editing: Either for a proposal or a segment of your book, I’ll offer a line-by-line assessment of up to 10,000 words, and help you improve and polish your synopsis, pitch and outline.

I’m open to variants or combinations of any of these, so if you need something a little different, just get in touch using the form below and explain what you’re looking for.

I worked with Anselm editing my first book and found him both professional and fun. Even though I’d read the manuscript hundreds of times, Anselm was able to point out slow spots in plotting and inconsistencies that I missed, and more importantly, offered suggestions for improvement. My book read smoother and faster thanks to his expertise. I would absolutely recommend his editorial services to any new (or established) author whose work might need a fresh pair of eyes and some constructive criticism.
S.M. (cozy mystery author)