Death Keeps His Court

Golds Kindle Richard II.inddMy second Kindle Single, Death Keeps His Court, is now available in the Amazon Kindle Single Store. 1800-odd years on from the Arginusae Trials, it moves from democracy to monarchy and from classical Athens to mediaeval England, telling the story of a King who became a tyrant and the man who didn’t claim his throne.

A tyrant on the throne…

Richard II was young, handsome, and elegant. Last living child of the brilliant Black Prince, he came to the throne bearing the hopes of his people on his shoulders. His court glittered; his tastes were refined; his portraits shone with gold. Regal, composed, aloof, he was the very picture of majesty.
He became a murderous, capricious tyrant. His favourites plotted against his family. He rewrote the laws of England to give himself absolute power. He raised an army against his own subjects.
His subjects deposed him. Twice.

This is the story of the forgotten civil war of 1387, which saw Richard set against his brave, ill-starred uncle Thomas of Woodstock. Of how a boy’s bright promise turned deadly, provoking his nobles to fear, flight, and finally open war. Of how a humiliated King set out on a course of vengeance which would cost him his life and sow the first fatal seeds of the Wars of the Roses.

From royal banquets to battles in the mist, Death Keeps His Court tells a tale of real-life tyranny, treachery and tragedy in the age which inspired A Game of Thrones.

It’s available from the Single stores for Kindle US, Kindle UK, and as just a regular book on Kindle Spain (once again in English, alas). If you like it enough to review it, please do!